Why do people need to use close protection?

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Close protection officers and security professionals play an important role in protecting celebrities and public figures, as well as members of the general public who might be in dangerous or aggressive situations. This article explains the roles and functions of security professionals.

A bodyguard or close protection officer’s primary role is to protect. These people are often wealthy and well-known or have political influence. They protect against the threat of assault, kidnapping, or even assassination. The body guard or close protection officer would have to shoot the suspect if they were threatened. People who have sensitive information or wealth are most at risk. Sometimes, it is necessary for more than one person to be employed. It is common to see celebrities having several close protection.

Close protection isn’t just for the wealthy and famous. A body guard is available for those who feel threatened or afraid for their safety and that of their families. Protecting someone from abuse could be the purpose of a body guard. However, there is one thing that all body guards share in common: protection.

It is not always easy to portray security and close protection in a positive light. Sometimes, the line between reality and fantasy can blurred. People mistakenly believe that bodyguards close protection services in London look like the ones they see on the media. These portrayals are too glamorous for the big screen. It does not include all the drugs and guns that you see in movies. They are responsible for planning safe routes for their charge and avoiding areas where there could be many people that could pose a danger to safety.

This is not a complete description of the role of a close security officer. Their main duties will vary depending on their job. Although close protection officers are usually expected to drive and accompany clients, there are other specialties that involve sophisticated technology and weaponry. It doesn’t matter in which industry it is, it is an exciting and rewarding job.