Step-By-Step Guide to Prepping and Painting Garden Decking

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When you want to paint your garden decking, you need to know that there are several steps that you will need to take. These steps can help you ensure that you do a great job.

Cleaning with a pressure washer

A pressure washer can clean garden decking faster and easier than a hose and nozzle. However, it’s important to remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions to the letter. A high pressure jet washing can damage the surrounding area and even injure the operator.

Unlike power washing, pressure washing won’t change the color of your decking, but it can improve the look of your outdoor area. You should use a wide nozzle to achieve maximum results. It’s also recommended to avoid using a rotary pencil jet nozzle, as it can be too aggressive for delicate surfaces.

A pressure washer is also the ideal solution for cleaning gutters, fencing and driveways. You can also get accessories like foam nozzles and brushes to help you tackle other projects. It’s also a good idea to protect your surroundings with plastic sheeting.

You can use a wide angled nozzle to ensure that you don’t damage the wood in your deck. The best tip for this is to keep the pressure steady and in a uniform direction.

Applying primer

Aside from making your deck look good, a coating of paint can also help protect your deck from damage. Using the right materials and methods can make painting your deck a snap. But first, you’ll need to prepare your deck properly.

One of the best ways to start is by cleaning your deck. Sweep the deck to remove any loose paint, dust, or other debris.

Next, sand the surface using medium grit sandpaper. This will give the paint an even surface on which to stick. You can then apply primer to the surface. Depending on the type of decking material, you might need more than one coat of primer.

Once the primer has cured, you can apply the paint. A paint roller is the fastest way to spread the paint, but a brush is still best for corners.

To find out how much paint you’ll need, you’ll need to calculate the area of your deck. This is a simple calculation that involves multiplying the length by the width.

Removing stubborn stains

When you are painting garden decking, you may want to remove stubborn stains. These can be tricky and can affect the appearance of your deck. There are many ways to clean these stains.

The best way to remove them is with a stripper. It works by reacting with the stain and water, softening the stain and removing it. However, this method will not work on hot wood or dry wood.

Before you begin the stripping process, you should wear protective eye goggles. You will also need a scraper. You can buy one at your local home improvement store. Highly recommended this site

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To begin the stripping process, you need to apply the product to the stained area. You can either use a pump sprayer or a paintbrush. You should apply it liberally and evenly. Once the area is saturated, you should allow the solution to soak in for 15 minutes. You can then rinse it off with your hose.

If you are unsure of how to remove your stain, you can try a solution of hydrogen peroxide. This will penetrate the surface of the wood, and you can use a clean, damp towel to wipe away the peroxide.